Connecting with nature through art

The gift of flowers is given in many ways. It is an an expression of friendship, love, loss, a thank you or simply to make someone smile.

The Story of Harriet Rand Designs

The connection with nature and home was strengthened in lockdown. I have always loved watching the seasonal changes – the colours, patterns and textures of nature. Suddenly this natural beauty not only became something to look at, but it provided fresh air, quality family time and a sense of calm. I realised I wanted to capture what is on my doorstep somehow and bring it into my home.

" I want my art to encapsulate all of nature - from the blossoming flower to the unappreciated weed!'

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  • "Absolutely stunning - simple and beautiful."

  • "Harriet's creations are exquisite - she can turn one leaf into a work of art!"

  • "We are thrilled with the artwork Harriet created using colours to match our interior design"

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